Thursday, May 5, 2016

Hat Yai, Thailand – What to Eat?

Hat Yai is one big food destination in my recent travels. Markets play a big part in the local’s way of eating, the concept of floating market, sophisticated restaurants and specialised food stores. It is very difficult to choose what to eat, especially on the first day. Greed really takes over the next few days. In Hat Yai the type and style of food is not hugely different to Malaysia because of the proximity. In Hat Yai, there is an interesting fusion of Thai-Chinese and Thai-Muslim. All those spicy and sourish food, make sure you have a strong tummy to take all those combination of flavours. Otherwise, go easy on the tummy. You do not worry that you will go hungry or if food places are closed. Morning and afternoon markets are generally open until late afternoon until 18:00 but do check for the specific market you are heading to, night markets go on until 22:00 or until they’re sold out, night hawkers on Supasarnrangsan Road, stalls by the road side and if desperate, 7-Eleven. 1. Fried Food There are a lot of fried food around. Especially in the hawker stalls and markets. I usually refrain from fried stuff on exception when I am on holiday. I want to try everything there is. The usual and the unusual. 2. Grilled food Food on skewers from vegetables to seafood to meat over a charcoal fire. What’s not to love? Then choose your own sauce to drizzle. My favourite is one with sauce of fish sauce, chillies, shallots and palm sugar. 3. Herbal pork stews Yes, they have it for breakfast too! Herbal stew like the Malaysian bak kut teh but honestly, I prefer the taste of the Malaysian version which I thought was more fragrant. In Thailand, this is also served with noodles 4. Roti canai This crispy and doughy pan fried bread is also something that is very common in Malaysia. What is different in Thailand is they serve this with either sugar or condensed milk instead of curry. 5. Tom yum soup Thai trip would not be completed without a tom yum soup. Minimum order 2 person. 6. Noodles Stir-fried, dry noodles, wet noodles, saucy noodles, rice noodles, wheat noodles, vermicelli, flat, thin, you name it! 7. Economy rice Cannot make up your mind? Here are some ready packed and ready to go. 8. Salads This is a little tricky to order since I do not speak Thai and I do not know what is the norm. Because there is no menu and easy way of ordering. I stood and look at people ordering and point at that. It took a little while but I did get something amazing. 9. Sushi Slightly off the Thai theme here but I like the spread of choices here. And look at that cartoon character, Doraemon! 10. Chicken Rice Quite a popular dish in Thailand. This is very similar to the chicken rice in Malaysia but no chilli and garlic sauce served here in Thailand. Quite oily eating this on it’s own without a pot of hot Chinese tea to wash it down.

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